Artist Statement

My practice is multidisciplinary combining sculpture, collage, photography and installation to investigate interconnected cultures. Place and memory are considered through an ongoing engagement with my own mixed heritage and itinerant upbringing between Europe and the United Arab Emirates. I explore notions of rootlessness while reflecting on the tension between attachment to place and the mapping of one’s identity.

Through the use of non-hierarchical and accessible materials, such as re-purposed cardboard, tarpaulin, and tape, I interrogate the relationship between these surfaces and itinerancy. Incorporating my own photographs of overlooked surfaces within my sculptural output, my work expands on the relationship between the two and three dimensional while conveying my interest in geographical and metaphorical borders.

My process involves constructing, juxtaposing, assembling, and connecting materials and objects through systems of geometry, repetition, and seriality. I use a combination of materials such as pastels, paints, mosaic mirrors, marbles, and staples to embellish intuitively yet structurally, embracing symmetry and chance. Materials are subverted, colour, modularity and playfulness are embraced, while exploring cardboard as a portal and symbolic body.

This methodology has led to the development of  a cross-cultural visual language imbued with my own multicultural experiences, generating hybrid works where disparate cultures complement each other.

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Savannah du Quercy 
(b.1995) Lives and works in London


  • 2020-2023: BA (Hons) Fine Art, City and Guilds of London Art School, UK

Selected group exhibitions: 

  • City and Guilds of London Art School Degree Show (upcoming-June 2023)
  • 3D Women, Art Hub Studios, London (upcoming- June 2023)
  • Impressions, Ugly Duck, City and Guilds of London Art School Interim show, June 2022

  • Model Village, Amersham Arms, London, April 2022

  • Come one, Come all, The Function Suite, London, March 2022

  • Rebuilding Beirut with Pride, The Auction Collective, October 2021

  • Permanent Temporary, London Design Festival, The Bottle Factory, September 2021

  • Intersection, AMP Studios, City and Guilds of London Art School Interim show,August 2021

  • Life on Venus The Landscape, The Human, The Organic The Tub Hackney and The Auction Collective, London, December 2020-February 2021

  • Construction, Candid Arts Trust, London, December 2017
  • Promenade with me, International Emerging artist award, Dubai, May 2015


  • Worshipful Company of Grocers Grant 2020-2023
  • Sir Denis Mahon Sculptural Project Grant 2022-2023)


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