Who’s Hungry? 

Who's Hungry? is a bimonthly Supper Club founded by artist Savannah du Quercy in March 2024 with the on-going help and support of artists/creative collaborators.

The idea arose from a simple desire: to cultivate a deeper sense of community and shared experiences within the creative landscape. Grounded in the principles of community, sharing, generosity and nourishment, Who's Hungry? aims to create a space where creatives can meet, collaborate, foster new connections, initiate dialogues, all set against the backdrop of shared, home-cooked, vegetarian cuisine.

In the whirlwind of deadlines, creative projects, jobs and family obligations it can be easy to feel isolated, even surrounded by artistic energy. Solitary artistic practices often leave us yearning for a space to slow down and connect with fellow creatives in a more meaningful way.

Who's Hungry? recognises the importance of a strong creative community, especially in a time when a sense of belonging and support is vital. Sharing meals together isn't just about enjoying food; it's a powerful way to cultivate this sense of belonging. These communal gatherings benefit
both individual well-being and the creative ecosystem as a whole.

Accessibility is also a core concern of Who’s Hungry? which is why the "Pay what you can" model ensures that financial limitations don't hinder participation and welcomes all artists and creatives. The aim is to get the food costs covered. All the work done by collaborators and the founder
remain unpaid and on a volunteering basis.

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Who’s Hungry?


photography by Teresa Kilker 

Who’s Hungry? 


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